The rural and remote nature of the Permian Basin presents a unique set of challenges for first responders attempting to aid victims of vehicle crashes. Despite their best efforts, response times for emergency medical services and treatment can be measured in hours, instead of minutes.

Additionally, Permian Basin first responders often lack the tools necessary to render “first on scene” aid to victims of vehicle crashes.

With the assistance of partnering organizations like the Permian Strategic Partnership, the PRSC completed the “First Responder Life-Saving Equipment Initiative over 2020-2024. This five-year, $5 million initiative provided the tools necessary for first-on-scene responders to render immediate aid to crash victims – saving lives in the process.

First Responder Life-Saving Equipment Initiative

This video highlights the success of our “First Responder Life-Saving Equipment Initiative.”

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Notable Grants

Equipment and supplies to equip a new rescue truck purchased by Loving County, Texas.

Matching funds for a BUILD Grant for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to build a critical overpass project on Hwy. 302 and Hwy. 115 in Kermit, Texas.

Support for the Texas Department of Public Safety Foundation (DPS), which supports those who serve and protect.

“The First Responder Life-Saving Equipment Initiative” served 82 departments across 27 counties of the Permian Basin with over 7,000 pieces of equipment.

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