The Permian Road Safety Coalition’s capstone program is our “Road Safety Luncheon Series.” These events are held quarterly across the Permian Basin, are free-of-charge, and educate attendees about emerging threats to road safety, best practices for road safety improvements, and infrastructure improvement plans in the region.

What You'll Learn

These 135-minute, high-impact events are hosted several times each year. At a Road Safety Luncheon Series event, you will hear timely updates from state agencies on infrastructure construction plans and schedules affecting the Permian Basin. You’ll learn more about emerging “best practice” technologies that could help you and your business improve road safety. You’ll receive important road safety training information and opportunities to share within your organization.

How to Attend

Our Coalition Partners are committed to road safety, and that means we don’t charge fees for our Forums. We simply ask attendees to register in advance so we can plan the meeting spaces and complimentary lunches. We invite you to learn more about our upcoming events and about how your organization can support the Permian Road Safety Coalition.

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