Our Leadership

  • Ellen K. Ramsey

    Executive Director

    Ellen K. Ramsey is the executive director of the Permian Road Safety Coalition, where she leads a collaborative effort with oil and natural gas operators, oil field service and transportation companies, non-governmental organizations, and government organizations to improve road safety and reduce the number of traffic-related injuries and deaths in the Permian Basin.

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  • Michael Smith

    Managing Director

    Michael Smith is a founder of the Permian Road Safety Coalition (PRSC). He helped guide the PRSC from an idea, to the humble beginnings of an ad-hoc committee, and then to what it is today – the leading voice for road safety in the world’s largest energy production region.

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  • Deirdre Skaggs

    Programs Director

    Deirdre Skaggs was initially called upon in 2016 to provide branding concepts as the unstructured group began to take shape. In 2019, following the official formation of the PRSC as a non-profit, she was tasked with executing a variety of road safety events and initiatives.

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  • Claire Bacon

    Social Media Manager / Administrative Assistant

    Claire Bacon is the social media manager and administrative assistant for the PRSC.

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