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Highlights from the 2017 Goal Zero Rally

The city and county leaders in the Permian Basin support their communities and the efforts of the Permian Road Safety Coalition. The community leaders listed below have signed letters proclaiming November 2nd as "Goal Zero Day". These leaders recognize the collective knowledge, data, technology and global networks of the Coalition members and the focus our membership brings to the issue of road safety. The leaders listed below along with Coalition members encourage motorists on this day and everyday to follow six safe driving habits; not speeding, wear your seat belt, do not engage in distracted driving, put your cell phone away, do not engage in in drinking or impaired driving and properly manage your fatigue.

Thank you to these community leaders for your support!

Honorable Kathryn Wiseman, Howard County Judge                Honorable Joe Shuster, Pecos County Judge              Mayor Joe Morales, City of Midland

Honorable Greg Holly, Ward County Judge                                Honorable Ross D. Sharp, Borden County Judge

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