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State Highway 302 is one of the roadways that the Permian Road Safety Coalition along with its membership identified and provided recommendations to TxDOT for improvements.

TxDOT held a meeting on Oct. 21 for public and business stakeholders in regards to State Highway 302.  TxDOT, along with their consulting engineers, presented their early work on recommendations for SH 302 from Kermit to Mentone.  All and I mean all of industry’s comments were mapped or noted on the maps presented.  Members of the Permian Road Safety Coalition present at the meeting were very pleased to see that our group's feedback was heard and incorporated. 

TxDOT wants to leave no stone unturned.  They are seeking any and all feedback on SH 302. 

TxDOT would appreciate any and all feedback from those that weren't able to attend the October 21st meeting. The deadline for feedback is Friday, Nov. 4, 2016

Provide all Comments and Feedback on the Stakeholder's Comment Sheet to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The work being studied would occur in 2017! 

Take a look at the Stakeholder's Presentation and 4 of the plans for State Highway 302. 

State Highway 302 Stakeholders Presentation

State Highway 302 Schematic Plan #1 

State Highway 302 Schematic Plan #2

State Highway 302 Schematic Plan #3

State Highway 302 Schematic Plan #4

Stakeholder's Comment Sheet





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