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Many nongovernmental organizations advocating on behalf of road safety and responsible driving habits were created by people who have been affected by a road traffic crash resulting in the serious injury or death of a friend or loved one.  Members of the Permian Road Safety Coalition have experienced similar loss and tragedy. For each of us at PRSC, road safety is a deep personal issue and we each bring a commitment and conviction to road safety research, policy, practices and response for improvement throughout the Permian.

The Permian Road Safety Coalition is raising awareness with the companies and public about best practices, safety issues and influencing change; as well as, devoting resources to those changes. PRSC education and advocacy include, but are not limited to:

  • drawing attention to general road safety;
  • creating community will to address road safety;
  • correcting public misconceptions about the causes and preventability of road traffic crashes;
  • promoting changes in current policies and programs regarding both prevention and services;
  • conveying messages to the general public about the need to change specific behaviours;
  • building effective partnerships and coalitions;
  • increasing funding for policies and programs to support road safety and road traffic injury victims;
  • generating a demand for road safety from the public
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