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The Permian Road Safety Coalition (PRSC) realizes that road safety is a region-wide issue. It impacts public health, infrastructure and the local criminal justice system. PRSC is a group of highly engaged members/stakeholders that support efforts to affect change in industry operations and overall motor vehicle operator behavior. We have many private and public stakeholders to assess issues and maintain open channels of communication between industry, enforcement and legislation.

Work groups withing the PRSC include members from a variety of areas of expertise such as law enforcement, transporation and highway/roadway oversight, public relations, governmental affairs, business management, energy industry leaders and trucking/transportation operations throughout the region.

Through a collaborative effort, PRSC is committed to the following objectives:

            1. Identify and share best safety practices and seek to set consistent operating standards and road transportation/driver behavior procedures for oil and gas industry in the region.

2. Advocate and engage local and state governmental agencies for improvements to road infrastructure, signage and transportation funding changes in partnership with other stakeholders.

3. Increase public education and awareness of key road safety hazards and issues in an effort to improve safe driving behaviors.

These efforts and objectives are overseen by coalition members involved in these work groups:

  • Drivers and Programs
  • Infrastructure and Analytics
  • Education and Advocacy
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